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Published: 28th January 2010
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For protection of your vehicles, there is nothing better than incorporating transponder systems. Immobilizer systems that have utilized transponder technology are effective ways to combat auto thefts and stop the vehicle from being stolen using traditional methods of breaking in or lock manipulations.

A 'chip key' is the unique key that has an electronic part or a memory chip that is embedded on the head of the electronic key. It has a radio frequency 'chip' which sends an individual digital code that is replicated from the ignition key to the engine. Each car is individually programmed to recognize each key and is programmed to completely shut down, if the correct programmed key is not used. It is this feature that protects your vehicle from getting stolen.

The immobilization facility is perfect as any other key that is used will not allow the car to start. If you talk about the success rate of Immobilizer systems, it is correct to say that the auto theft has gone down considerably due to transponder technology and immobilizers that are used in the cars.

If you are wondering what really makes getting a spare key so expensive, think again. Using transponder technology has definitely made auto thefts lessen but more than that the legal owner's hassle has increased. As these chip keys are necessary to start your car, if you lose the key, the exclusive electronic system will be equally expensive to replace.

To further understand the Chip key, it is best to understand the two different types of keys used. The VATS or Passkey system and RFID or Radio Frequency Identification System are the broad range of keys that are used. You may not be able to see the chip inside unless the car key has a transparent head. Much sought after for vehicle security purposes, both types of keys first match the vehicle code on the key with the ignition switch, before allowing the vehicle to start. Some systems immobilize the fuel system while others prevent the vehicle from cranking.

In the VATS key type, the embedded key is prominently visible, while within the RFID key, identification is difficult as the chip is embedded in the plastic head. It is best to handle such keys carefully as they are expensive to replace. But just in case, you lose the chip key, you only have just two options as your car will not be in any condition to start.

You can either contact your local car dealer or get in touch with a locksmith. As the new keys will have to be reprogrammed, you cannot just call your dealer and ask for spare keys. So for that you need to get your car towed and delivered to the dealer which is an extra expense. On the other hand, if you call an emergency Chicago locksmith, they will come with all their machinery, wherever you are stranded and get you the key at less than half the dealer price.

Most of these new cars need special exclusive equipment for servicing and cutting spares, immobilizer reflashing and not all locksmiths have the facility. However, if you are stuck anywhere in Chicago, you are lucky as one of the best Chicago locksmith can help you with all types of high security keys, immobilizer and laser keys, chip keys and encrypted versions on almost all car makes.

Chicago locksmith have the entire necessary infrastructure including blank transponder keys and required machines to cut and program a chip key. So, whether you need to replace your transponder keys, key fobs or get a spare one made, call a bona fide Chicago locksmith and get it done at half the dealer rates.

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